Now, I don't necessarily mean ritual in a traditional sense.

Not druids dancing in a grove, satanists killing baby goats and eating their hearts, or menstruation (which may or may not be on the full moon, but does tend to happen about every 28 days or so... mostly/hopefully).

What I'm talking about, is that for some reason or another, a big beautiful full moon always makes me want to do *something*. And it's evolved into the following: Always on the night in question, in the hour of about 1am or so, I am up on top of my roof, with a guitar, (occasionally a friend) and a few songs. If I'm lucky, preceding this, is a long walk on a cold beach.

The most memorable full moon was a full moon on the winter solstice last year. That night, a thick cloud of fog settled in the air, and didn't go away for nearly a week. It was like perpetually living in Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow.

What do you do, if anything?