I need to find a way to rouse myself out of this deep ditch I have fallen into.

So many things there are I want to make and do, and things I need to have done, and what do you find me doing? The boring mundania.

The shift key (and the backspace and pffft a lot more) on the lab consultant's computer at work here is the evil flaming Hades to push--it's like it's glued in place with jelly. It's a horrible icky feeling on my fingers.

What Muke needs done... finish carving that tilde in the rock for sculpture class, finish translating Philemon from Greek to my conlang Hadwan--it starts out 'Pavlus vinjius Iesus Hristus ki Timotheus vraçir'... also finish reading these library books 'The King's Fifth' by Scott O'Dell, 'Chaos Mode' by Piers Anthony, 'The Screwtape Letters' by C.S. Lewis, and those other books about the Hittites, the history of Korean and that Portuguese grammar.

Oh, and remember to bug the library about them bugging me about the books I already returned. Feh. Also draw that picture of Muke-ratty i meant to draw this weekend, and look up what people wore in Greece in the early Christian era for my project.. I will get very little accomplished today, i'm sure.. I just want to sleep... but it's not the same anymore. Ever had an E2 wish come true? Ever messed up horribly? Ever have it all taken away? This is the state my mind has just sunk into.

it will go away again, later, as usual