Today I wake up and realize: Hey--I'm in my room.

I haven't had a room to sleep in or a bed to sleep on for nearly a year now, until today. The experience was slightly marred by my not having any bedsheets yet, but it was better than nothing. I woke up much earlier than usual, after having an Everything Dream. Apparently it always happens that whenever I read Everything before bed it resurfaces in my dreams. I "rediscovered" the day logs yesterday, and I figure now I need to start making use of the dream logs... don't remember this morning's dream anymore though. Something about a special way to mark up writeups....

Since I did wake up early, I got back to playing Final Fantasy--the very first one--again, which I haven't been lately. I'm at the point in the game just after receiving the canoe and pondering whether to go to the Volcano or the Ice Cave as I gain levels.

I went with my mother to Wal-Mart to shop for toiletries. (It's annoying when you don't have the equipment to take a shower with.) Here I made two fundamental discoveries: First, that men and women wash differently, and second, that women--at least in my family--have a strange habit of smelling the shampoos and body washes and baby oils they buy. I mean, sure they're scented, but still... Me and my sister made fun of the idea of guys with loofahs. My mother insisted on buying me at least two towels, and reacted oddly when I told her I only ever had one before in the dorm. I suppose it's all right, because one of them started turning colors after the Mildew Squad came in and sprayed my ceiling.

We went to eat at the "Imperial Palace" for lunch. Chinese food is fun. We had Spicy "Artificial Chicken", which was really just Fri-Chik in disguise. It was the same way at the last Chinese restaurant we ate at. I wonder if it's a Worthington conspiracy.

At work in the computer lab today I got to plug more computers in. One of them had Windows 2000 on it, which I hadn't seen in action before. Its cursor had a shadow... For some reason I thought that was way past cool.