Okay... apparently I have a date Friday. A date is a wholesome, olive-shaped fruit... Thanks Webster 1913. So if I'm not back by the end of the weekend, I've been abducted by vampires.

I tried calling the other guy again, the phone says "the number you have dialed (recites number) is being checked for trouble." Thanks to the power of the Internet I discover this means he probably didn't pay his bill. (Last time I was there, he said it would be arriving late, and tried to pay over the phone.. guess that didn't happen.)

Tonight at work my supervisor brought in a new but not improved schedule for job duties. It was clearly written by someone who hasn't worked on the line, and I'm sure it was engineered by her. (Yes, I don't like her at all.)

And I come home, there's only three slices of bread in the house... so I throw tons of extra cheese on my sandwich to make up for it, and also polish off the brownies that are hanging around the fridge. Hoohoo.

Also, everyone jokes about my penis size on AOL. Mercy me.