(There was a lot more, but this is the part I remember most.)

Focus character was a big anthro tiger, but the hero was an Icarus who looked like Kid Icarus without the 'kid'.

They were behind the house, just going out to fly around. Suddenly Icarus's wings disappeared, but yon tiger caught him and held him up until he could get them again.

They flew around to the front of yon house, and Icarus's wings disappeared again, but the tiger didn't have time to catch him, and he crashed into the ground, near a smashed turtle.

And Icarus felt terrible about it. This was always happening to him, he was always falling and smashing turtles, and he wished he'd never even played around with losing his wings when he was younger because he should have had every minute while he could. He was sobbing pretty unhappily and the tiger was trying to console him.

Then a turtle crawled out of a hole in the ground next to him. It was followed by another, larger one, and a couple more in different colors, and another big one... they were all marching on to the west (which was to your right as you faced the house). They watched them cross the driveway and join an even larger line of animals travelling that way, the line curving to the south. There were rabbits and deer and birds and all other sorts, kind of like a Noah's ark line without number limits.

(Background music: that song from Gladiator, leading into something by Lebo M.)

Yon tiger and Icarus followed the line and watched them. Then, the tiger got up and joined the line. As he flew down it, I saw he had six wings, white and opalescent.

Icarus took up his courage and followed after him on six wings infallible.