The first bit I remember is sneaking into the concentration camp.

I was trying to catch up with some of my friends and maybe rescue them. I found the room they were staying in and tried to find a place to hide from the Nazis, but this girl from a couple of my classes had claimed like half the places in the room, which she could hardly have planned to use. Feh.

I managed to end up with the gargoyles at this fortress. It turned videogamey here. In the upper-right corner of my vision was an indicator in Roman numerals. There were 5 of us total, and the indicator predicted how many of us would make it out alive.

So we were trapped in this place trying to find a way out. It was like a pyramid at first, ancient and forgotten. We were running about at random, opening doors and running into guards and things. One of us opened a west door, and the number went all the way down--I had an idea that he had released a virus trap.

We started over. I went directly to the door that had the most promising aspect behind it. There was a schoolteacher inside who seemed not a bit alarmed at our presence. The number stayed V. All right. From here on, the place began to look less like a forgotten tomb and more like an office building.

There were different rooms, and we were doing all right, until we came to the computer lab. They were bringing in people from the concentration camp to use the computers for a while. I made my first big mistake... I noticed my university president was not a prisoner, but was up front with one of the guys in charge. When that guy took all the prisoners out to bring in the next round, I caught the prez's attention, identified myself and started trying to plead with him to help us out. It was working okay at first, but it was taking too long to say and I suddenly noticed the number going down. I started over again. I ran right up to him and asked for help directly. The number went down right away. Arrgh!

I ran away. I managed to get through the exit. The evil leader guy gave me a white rock, but I'm no fool--I hid it somewhere, in case he were able to track me with it. I managed to make it back to the school, but there was no help there. I ran back to the pyramiddy fortress and tried to save the gargoyles myself. I went to the computer lab, asked the prez, and he took us all up to the roof. There were these biplanes waiting for us. We all got in and flew off.

The dream didn't end there, but that's all I remember..