I. A videogame dream

I had to save the princess from the most talented swordsman in the world. Instead of messing with showing me stats numbers, when he hit my character my character'd say something like "Dude! He just got twice as strong!" or "It doesn't hurt as much anymore."

Setting was a big building like Talge Hall only roomier and better-decorated. I fought him first in one of the sub-basements. The save game point also let me recharge my health....

II. A theater

I went and bought a ticket to see Charlie's Angels and got in early enough to see the closing credits of the previous showing. I stayed to watch the song a bit, then went out to use the restroom, checking to make sure I had my ticket just in case they asked. (I couldn't find it, but I had a lot of tickets in my pocket.)

When I came out I heard someone saying "...and so he said if I changed my mind before he faded to let him know." Something I'd said before but forgotten. I looked, and Eagle was there telling it to this mouselike guy who, I think, works second shift at work. Eagle gave me a kind of funny look as I passed through.