I was in a supermarket for, hm, the kind of people who aren't very smart. I remember Jonny and Sally were there.

I saw Jonny had these red kind of sores or spots or whatever all over him, and Sally was harassing him about them, and getting upset and asking him why he had to be all red and orange and yellow and stuff. And he was trying to yell back at her, saying that she had freckles and it was the same thing, but I don't think she was listening.

(I miss Jonny. I haven't seen him since academy. He hated me, but that's all right.)

It was breakfast in the Campus Kitchen. The guys from the line would never go there, probably because it doesn't open till seven or eight and we get off work at six-thirty. That and it's as expensive as anything.

Anyway, it had been redecorated, or something, and was now all small and kiosky, and I saw that when I had my order and sat down with the rest of them, they had all gone and sat down by my brother.

I say, that was unexpected. But I was happy.

The next Friday I wasn't in so good of a mood, I just wanted to get my breakfast and leave. We went to the CK again, and I was just walking by to leave, and I saw they were all sitting by him again. So I couldn't leave, but stayed and talked.

(I miss my brother. I started working nights, and sleeping mornings, but he works afternoons, and sleeps nights, so I don't get to see him anymore...)