I dreamed I missed Christmas.

It was a dark day and I was living in what I call the old family house (since at some time or other during my life it has been occupied by both my uncles, my grandmother, my father, the guy who sold me my Bronco, and us)

(I still had my same roommate though...)

I was online as usual... and someone mentioned Christmas. I check out the date and find... It's Christmas Eve! I go harass my roommate, like Belmont in that Muppet movie The Christmas Toy. "I just found out something so wonderful, so extra-special fabulous... It's Christmas Eve!

So why am I stuck here in this apartment, when I should be at home with family opening presents?

I go outside. My car isn't there. Folks are working on the lawn, getting things ready (for what?).

How am I supposed to get home?

I don't want to miss Christmas!