Last night, I slew a dragon!

We -- me and some girl, my sister maybe -- had passed through the portal and ended up in a dank, dimly lit garage. (Yes, the dragon lived in a garage. Shut up.)

I stabbed the dragon in the heart! She fell down!

And then she recuperated!

We were at a loss. Stabbing wildly everwhere, in the chest, in the face, wherever, we couldn't beat her. Luckily for us this dragon wasn't a fire-breather, otherwise we'd have long been toast.

Then I figured, maybe we ought to off with her head. A formula came into my head, that you had to cut off the dragon's head and bury it in a bucketsworth of blood.

So I stabbed her in the heart again, and when it hit the ground I severed the head from the body. I dug a hole in the driveway just on the other side of the garage door and let the blood from the dragon's neck fill it, and threw the head in.


In the garage we found some very thin aluminum swords and daggers. (It looks like this mission was a success! This is the way!)