I'm in a big city on the coast of a bay on the ocean. The bay cuts right through it, dividing the town in several bits. The fun part is, to get from one bit to another they have a weird roller coaster setup: a weird kind of train that rotates its track in whatever direction you're going and then launches you to the other side.

I end up on the northwest side. I arrive at a walkway by the river; there's a strange lady, whose name I forget--it's a weird compound, but I'll call her Alice till I remember. She's peering into a baby carriage.

Flashback: my dorm. Charlie Brown is reading a letter from his pen pal. His pen pal is warning him about Alice; she is some kind of teacher, and is up to no good. I recognize her name as he reads it, and get the odd idea that Peanuts cartoons don't usually have this kind of exposition.

Next to where Alice and the baby were is a little tree-type hut. Alice, me, some professor, and a girl named Sandy are arguing about a rather large box of gold Alice seems to have discovered. It can't be hers; she insists it is. I say it couldn't have been; she hasn't even been here so long. More like this. She goes frantic, with shriekings and runnings about. I think we get it resolved... Alice doesn't get her gold.

Next I remember... Hospital operating room. Sandy--I didn't even know she was pregnant--is having... well, not an abortion, though that's what they called it, but a removal of some kind--her baby was already dead inside her, from being severely deformed. I get an idea that the incident with Alice was the cause of this. Her belly is open, and there is a great shapeless mass inside. The doctor tells us not to worry, it's what you'd expect to find there. He has already disposed of the baby's body and is cleaning up, and... a baby is heard crying. From inside Sandy. Everyone is surprised. The doctor reaches under the weird shapeless mass and pulls out, just like on TV, a baby that is probably too old to be "newborn" but has been pressed into acting it. We are happy that all was not lost. Someone makes a comment about how this makes up for us always calling Sandy "short".

I'm walking through K-mart with Sandy and her baby. (Is Sandy mine? I don't know...) We sit on some benches so she can rest, and she comments to the lady in front of us that she's never seen anything like that done with a hat before; it's pretty. It's one of those visor caps, worn backwards, with long strips of dark green material over the visor and hanging down her back. She looks like a flower, sort of. She turns around, and it is Alice; sane again, and so pretty... I never noticed what beautiful blond hair she has. Alice and Sandy talk for a while, making amends. Alice looks supremely happy.

Alarm clock goes off, waking me up.