I dreamed about Dead Last last night... The band was staying in some odd huge white house. These are the ghost encounters I remember.

There were scenes of the guys sleeping on couches, with Scotty narrating about how sometimes the ghosts of old ladies were just too easily ignorable--about, like, how "They only weigh about six pounds, it's not like they're going to do anything dangerous". So we had a few shots of them with old ladies sleeping all over them.

Also it seems they had acquired some kind of rapidfire nailgun that they could shoot ghosts with. The next day--actually, the next night, because it was already dark out--they went to explore the house. On the top floor, they found in a room something weird: It looked like a man arguing his own ghost. The guy was clearly a loony bin, and both of him looked like he was about to hurt someone. They would have shot the ghost man with the ghost gun but they couldn't tell which was real and which was the ghost.

Then the real man, who was lying in bed, shot himself. And the ghost man noticed them standing in the door. Crazy psychotic ghost runs after them, chasing them back downstairs into the great-room they had slept in last night, which is now absolutely dark. The ghost begins unleashing poltergeist power at them randomly, and the ghost gun goes off apparently by itself, nearly injuring everybody.

(around here, the phone rang and woke me up... grr.)

I also remember one of the commercials.

      GUY:  "On Fridays, this bathroom is mine."

      [Black-and-white shot of GUY's crotch.  He is NAKED

      [GUY launches into some spiel about making his member 
      smoother and healthier, sort of as if this were some kind of 
      shampoo commercial that decided not to be about hair care 

      [More CROTCH SHOTS.]
      ANNOUNCER:  "Bismillah.  Perhaps you've smerd of us?"
      [Shot of the same slogan, in green text.]