I entered a building that had the combined aspects of asylum, old folks' home and hospital, with a couple of random friends.

The place was deserted of activity; there were elderly patients in some beds, unresponsive. We looked around for people, in vain. We go through the hospital from one end to the other and end up out back. The building leans up against a hillside. I see something on the side of the hill--my animal side kicks in, and I chase after it.

As I get closer, it appears to be some kind of zombie, all dirt-brown and green, although the dream insisted on having me call it a ghost. I am unable to catch it but I get rather close; it doubles back, reaches out and grabs me with its fingers--and the sudden thought hits me: ghosts aren't supposed to have working fingers. The ghost disappears.

We all go back inside, and find some empty beds to sleep on for the night. The place is full of windows; you have pretty much an equal chance of seeing something outside as inside. I fall asleep, and...

I see the face of the ghost above me. I wake up. The ghost's face is abruptly replaced with that of a pretty female doctor. One of the random friends I came in with, whom I think I recognize as Dart from LoD, introduces her to me. I begin to get the feeling this is another videogame dream.

I am seriously affected by my earlier premonition: This nurse must be the ghost in disguise. Like an idiot, I act on my impression and call her out for it. She turns into the ghost; we fight; she clobbers me.

It's not game over though; apparently I get another chance. The second time around I manage to keep from freaking out when the doctor appears. I take her down when she isn't looking.