Me and "OLDER FRIEND" arrive at a large castle in the dark of night. The interior is well-lit, and the entryway looks suspiciously like the lobby of my dorm. ADOLF HITLER is behind the counter; apparently this place belongs to him, but this doesn't bother me for some reason.

My friend walks over and grabs a hook or a handle something like what you hold on to on a subway. I grab one too, and they start motion on their own along a track in the ceiling. We rush down hospital-quality hallways at high speeds; me struggling to hold on and dodge walls and obstacles, my friend calmly explaining to me how this trackway was built for Hitler's dwarfs, who all have special hooks in them or whatever so they can ride easily. After a few violent corner turnings, we arrive back in the lobby. Older friend takes me into where the head dean's office would be and tells me he's leaving. I ask him not to--please! He assures me everything'll be all right.

I head to what I suppose is the dining hall; at least, this room I'm in just outside it looks just like the one at our cafeteria. The janitor's closet has been replaced by a bathroom and an elevator. I try the elevator, as I'm not hungry. I don't remember where it goes, but here's where I first meet "SINISTER MAN" and "SINISTER WOMAN" (paired like that, they remind me of Scully and Mulder, only not so fun).

Back in the lobby. Hitler asks if I'm ready to join his club yet. I say probably, and he checks me in for the night. I go to my room (walking down the hall this time) and look out my window. I think, I don't really want to be in here. The window doesn't open, so I go up to the roof somehow--the building is really patterned very much like the dorm, only much brighter on the inside; there's no way up to the roof in waking life--and go across to the middle wing of the building along a rope strung above them. (Our dorm is like a capital letter E--where I was living in the top stroke, and the top two strokes had a sort of block-off between them in the dream.)

Hanging over the middle wing, I notice two ladders. One's a sturdy one, bolted into the wall I just came over. On the other side is an old wooden one, just leaning onto it. I think, wouldn't it be awful if I knocked that ladder over, just like in the sitcoms? I swing over to climb down the ladder, knocking it over, just like in the sitcoms. At this point I can either slide back across the rope, or idiotically keep going; I opt for the latter, and leap for a tree right next to me. At this point I realize I'm a lot bigger and tougher than I usually am, as I climb down the tree which is luckily lacking in the leaf and branches department. I hear someone laughing as I reach the ground... in reaction, I pull the tree out by its roots and swing it around. You messin with me?

I hear a serpent, or some other low monster hissing from nearby. I suddenly have an urge to get back in. I go to a window where I see a couple of guys studying, and open the window (pfft, theirs opens) and start climbing in, but they just look at me funny. I try to explain, but I end up having to leave instead. So I head away from the weird Hitler-dorm-castle, and out into the quasi-unfamiliar areas outside.

I meet Sinister man and Sinister woman in their car, and we drive down to where in waking life the McKee Credit Union should be. Instead, the Temple of Gravity is nearby. I go in... Inside is dark, but lit softly with candles. I notice Sinister man, Sinister woman, Hitler, Older friend, and "GRAVITY PRIEST". I look up to where I'd expect to see a light bulb, but nothing's there. Gravity priest asks me if I see anything there. I suppose he's asking if I'm seeing things in the supernatural. I tell him no, I was just looking for a light. I flip a light switch, and when the light comes on, Hitler and Older friend disappear. I flip it off again quickly, but they do not come back.

Flashback: I see a blue goddess making magical artifacts that embody knowledge and fate. In another room I see them being laid out on display by the blue goddess's male counterpart. The serpent comes along and asks about them as the blue god is placing one which I feel must relate to me--a pale frozen star. The blue god mentions a lot of the names of the artifacts, but I don't remember any of them.

Gravity priest is trying to tell me about illusions in life. I ask him to tell me about Gravity. I think he is being influenced by Sinister man and Sinister woman, because he tells a story very like the one I just flashbacked into, but with many bits left out... I leave.

I arrive again at the castle, and announce to Hitler that no, I would rather not join his club.

Hmm, a conspiracy? I don't remember the order some of these came in. A lot of pieces are missing too--I know more happened in the bathroom-elevator-dininghall area, something to do with clothes... Oh well.