Fargo is the largest city in the state of North Dakota (ND) it has a population of approximatly 90,000 and a metro area of over 180,000 and is home to NDSU (North Dakota State University).

Fargo is the best place in ND to live, though Bismarck has scenic views and the Missouri River, Fargo has a large University and a pretty good nightlife. It lies on the border between ND and Minnesota (MN) and has a sister city on the MN side called Moorhead. This is very much an advantage as it is the closest true city in ND to Minneapolis.

Fargo, probably, is most notorious for being the name of a Coen Brothers film. The best bar in town is called Old Broadway (on Broadway ave.) and the best place to waste a couple of hours is the Safari Theatre in Moorhead (only $1.50 for a movie).