The best Guinness is that found near the Guinness brewery in Dublin. Or is it?

A famous anecdote goes that U2 once visited Jamaica. They were talking in a lift and the attendant noticed they were from Ireland, although didn’t realise exactly who they were.

“Do you know where they make the best Guinness in the world?”
“Yeah, Dublin of course.”
“No. Right here in Jamaica.”
“You’ve got to be joking.”
“I bet you £10 that it is. Come with me to my local tonight and I’ll show you.”

So the lift attendant, still unaware of who they were, took them to his local drinking establishment. To much staring and open-mouths Bono ordered a pint of Guinness and took a sip. A long pause followed.

Fucking hell, that’s the best pint of Guinness I’ve ever had!

And now Bono swears by Jamaican Guinness. Why it’s apparently better is unknown, maybe it’s the heat?