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My mission or "combat assignment" is to battle the "enemy" armed with witnesseses holding The Pen of Truth.
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Wellesley High School, 1971 onto UNH, 1976
"Wise up or Die"
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The Reagent.

Hi "Transitional Man" is HOW I got here by a GOOGLE search, and Virgil for the introduction I did a search of the word Reagent, and got to that chemical definition only, and so thought that I'd copy and paste my research on this that goes back to a 1952 dictionary of it also including a WHO. See and specifically in Reply #9544 on page 637, but that for now will see if these square brackets around the links work. Now as Jack Chase used to say on the noontime news from WBZ-TV Boston with meteorologist Don Kent of now New Hampshire too: "So long and MAKE it a good day." - - Joe