Stephen Kennedy has finally gotten the album together, or so it seems...

Those who donated to the project previously are (as of this writing) being given until March 31, 2002 to buy the two-disc Gold Edition set for a meager fifteen dollars. Meanwhile, AnimeNation is taking pre-orders for the one-disc Silver Edition, with the same deadline. "A few months later," they claim, the Unlimited Edition CD will be available from major online retailers like

The project has acquired a few disturbingly commercial aspects, though:

  • Each of the three editions will have one or more tracks not available on the other editions. Completists will thus have to pony up for all three of 'em, at a total cost of $70 or more.
  • The record has its own Web site, distinct from that of the producer, at Of course, these days, everyone has their own Web site, so that's not inherently bad, I guess.
  • The "Gold Edition" was originally only intended to be for those who had donated long ago, but it's still possible to make a donation (through the aforementioned deadline) and pre-order the album, simultaneously. It's not nearly as cool if anyone can order one today, as it would be if you had to be supporting the project a couple years ago.

At least the album's finally getting made, though. It's progress, and I'll take it.

Remember to read the whole Project Majestic Mix node, as other entries contain valuable information of dubious utility.