This daylog has nothing to do with the election, except for the following sentence. I voted, straight-ticket Libertarian, so I don't even have to worry about watching the election results this evening, as I know my vote doesn't count for anything.

Instead, it's time for another edition of "THE AD," in which I look at advertisements in my local newspaper and point out things that should be in the "help wanted" ads, but aren't.

Today's advertisement is:

cepting Applications for 23 Full
Time & Part Time Positions.
Openings are in set-up, serv-
ice and delivery department.
No experience necessary,
company will train. Applicants
must be 18 or older, neat in
appearance, and ready to start
work immediately. $400 A
Week Possible to start.
Management positions also
available (618)555-0000.

Let's dissect this ad, one clause at a time, and see what happens...

Local company: False. The company is just a tiny local office; the company itself is based in Cleveland.

No experience necessary, company will train: They don't pay you for the training. Their "factory recommended" training is four to six weeks.

$400 a week: if you meet your sales goals.

Management positions also available: if you're willing to pay for their management training, price unspecified.

The guy in the suit did a very nice job with his speech, blissfully unaware that the shinola he was peddling mixed all the worst aspects of door-to-door sales and a Ponzi scheme.

Tomorrow, of course, is another day...