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mission drive within everything
Rock, pop, a,ternative, blackmetal, tampabay
If it moves, hate it. If it doesn´t, hate it anyway
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Child genius, juvenile delinquent, rock musician and an addict with a personality of a poison snake mixed with a helathy dash of Pure Evil (tm) in chrologically correct order.

Religious? Fuck no, though aware and cognizant of our great worlds religinraletede specifics.

Politically actice? Hell no. Only way to affect a politician and be sure that he actually GOT the message is to shoot him. Double that if said politician is Bush jr.

And yes, it scares the living daylights outta me that there are people doing 1Megadollar/year on a routine basis by making other people do the real work; CEO:s, Popstars and so on.