Blargh. Here we are again.

Well sadly it seems that I won't be able to attend the CVC dance on 26th. I wouldn't care usually, but I really had fun this past friday (bowling with a buncha people from CVC). I attend social events very seldom. I was looking forward to socialising with couple of individuals who i met during bowling. But - no such luck. It's really my fault...when Lani asked whether anyone wanted tickets - i just mumbled. I wasn't in the mood for any social gatherings. Now (as fairly often before) I regret my earlier decision. Shrug.

Ski trip is about to fall through too it seems. I don't quite know what the situation is with Mike and that group of friends..whatever. He offered to include me and BJ in his group then that offer was retracted. Now he's "clarifying". The deadline for room deposits is this friday. I haven't hread anything from him. I'm pretty sure I won't bother him about this because I simply don't need the tension and the unpleasantness. It just makes me think of all the times I've been "walked on"..Whatever. I chose to ignore it like so many other things. Fuck it.

I went through a couple of stores today: Pacific Yamaha and Richmond Motorsports. Crazy prices. Looks like i'm going to have to spend approx. $600 on gear. Pacific Yamaha didn't have any bikes in my price range at all. Richmond Motorsports had a little Yamaha FZR 400 (if i remember correctly) for $3999.. the price is about right (it was a '89)..the bike wasn't dropped it seems; but farings were in pretty poor shape anyway - paint was dull; pieces were chipped right above the rear tail light. I didn't bother with the test drive (even though I probably could). I'm waiting till October 6, 2001 - my road test. Then I'll go through the shopping motions. Hopefully as winter is an off season here I'll get a good deal. We'll see.

RCMP is out in force! It's rather scary. I got two speeding tickets - both at $173. One for 75 in 50 and 140 in 90. Crazy shit. I think i've seen more ghost cars and cop crown victorias in the last 2 months than in the last 7 years! It's crazy stuff really; but it least it's making me slow down.

50% of school term complete. What can i say. Fuck yeah!

I'm going to perform an experiment. I killed my icq. Lets see how long i can stay this way. So far - 1 day and counting. Loneliness is a terrible thing.