It's finally friday. MrFurious sighs with relief. This has been one hell of a fucked up week. I'm no longer talking to her. She can go to hell. Whatever.

Just had my massage. Feels good. The only problem was the fact that it was done by a guy. I dont particularly care. But there's a new girl or something and i was looking forward to talking to her. Eh, shrug. I'll wait.

Kasparov lost his chess title. Heh. I'm sorta wondering if human talent approaches infinity as time approaches infinity. I mean look at all the world records. Within a few years the get beatten. I wanna see the next Tiger Woods though. That's gonna be impressive.

Not going out tonight. My friends going to a swing night. I don't feel up to it. Gonna sit at home, install RedHat 7.0 and jerk off. Hopefully nobody is gonna be home by that time. (Or at least not awake). Anyhow gotta have lunch and get back to work. Shell scripting is fun.