Holly shit. This is crazy. What is happening to me? You know, I think you're right. I AM just a little boy. Please treat me that way (Not all the time, mind you). I'm capable of dealing with things. But...i dunno. Maybe i've been alone too long. Or maybe I'm a wuss. Or maybe i do expect too much..who knows? i'm confused. i remember people telling me how confused they were when they had to go to university - they didn't know what to do and shit. They looked at me and went - wow! (go go computer geek!). now look at me...questions that should've been easy as fuck take me a while to answers. i miss all the signs and all the clues. are they even there? bleh! whatever. things will always work out. one way or the other. they always do.

jesus. i miss coding. works sucks because of that - no challenge. so i browse e2 hehe. boss gets pissed off, i get back to doing nothing. weird. i got less then 5 hours of sleep last night. talking on the phone. everyone is in various stages of disrepair. looks to me like the big dood is failing to hell and beyond. i dont want that to happen. blah, shits i told him. interestingly enough a complete cycle has passed(startin last november.heh..oh november..oh fuck how i hated that..argh the WORST time of my life). all four of us dated(not each other.ew.). all four were depressed and piss-drunk. all four close to failing. i have to node that. shits. life is NOT boring. i gotta say that.

I have nothing to whine about!