Boom. I'm damn tired. The schedule has to come under control! I barely woke up in the morning to give my mom a ride to work. Blargheth. And then when I left to work I forgot the Path of Daggers. Damn. Instead I went to mail my calculus 2 homework(polar coordinates! damn you! ) Then I went to the Half Price Computer Books. Useless. On the other hand I managed to fulfill part of my job description today. One of my automatic test scripts managed to kill the server. Yay to me.

Played some DDR today. My friend tells me some girl was lookin' at me. I don't know whether he was lying but I felt flattered (whoa, i can dance a nasty round of ddr mon!...come on fer god's sake!).

jesus, there are a lotta people i know on e2 right now. their dyalogs make for a interesting read. i mean who ever tells their friends 100% right? nodegel doesn't grow stale if i whine i tad (i wont whine i promise). i hate whiners.

Anyhow, no math for me today. I'll play some tanarusgotta finish the damn wu!!! and go sleep. blessed sleep!!

Never Give up! Never surrender!

carpe noctem!