12:11 PST OK. The keyword for today is

fucking lower back pain!

I can't fucking stand this. It's insane. It's so goddamn hurts! My back has been hurting for a few days now. I was getting tea few minutes ago and decided to strech. Now the pain is fuckin' incredible! I can't move without feeling the dull pain in my lower back. No matter how i sit, it's still hurts! I'm gonna go home and lie down or something. Argh! This way I'll never become a construction worker (reference to Office space). ARGH! Or more like fucking ouch! Try to go back to work...

13:20 PST Pain is my friend. Pain is good. Pain means im still alive. Took me ~10 minutes to get to the washroom. Took me 3 minutes to tie the shoe laces on my right foot. This is not good.

14:03 I'm thinking of going home. I lost my comfortable sitting position and breathing hurts now. I figured out a way to walk though - apply pleasure just above my butt (where the belt usually is. I'm getting scared. I hope there are no permanent damage. Ugh :(

15:17 Ate some tylonol. This is first time in 7 years I take it. Ouuch....

22:04 Goddamn. Everyone comming with suggestions. Nothing is helping. Somehow I can't stop laughing. Shrug. My dad (who is a doctor incidentally) tried to do something - not really successfull. Gonna go our familly doctor. I borrowed dad's belt thingie. It basically prevents lower back muscles from moving. This sort of feels better now. I've been sitting for 7 minutes. It hurts. I think I'm gonna go lie down. I took a day off tomorrow. It's gonna be one hell of a fucking drag. ARGH! Good night everythingians.