A series of japanese language instruction videos for english speaking people, made sometime in the 1970's. Follows the adventures of Yan, a mildly tubby, very non japanese looking american who could be of Indian, Italian, Greek or Romulan heritage, (it's very hard to tell, especially with an ambiguous name like Yan and an olive greenish tan), and a whole cast of other equally generic characters including Mine (that's said as "Me-ney") the creepy old guy, an unnamed steroypical young japanese man from the 70's, and Mr.Smith, an american lawyer (bengoshi) living in japan. The cool thing about these videos is the variety of adventures that a student of the japanese language can watch and learn from. Yan's adventures range from arriving in Japan at Narita airport,getting his luggage mixed up with some random woman, and laying the moves on her (smoothness); to driving around Japan looking for an apartment, and nearly getting whiplash from the poor driving habits of sterotypical young japanese man from the 70's. Highly entertaining and educational, also highly recommended.