Yay for labor day. Had a truely dull weakend, but a triumphant week.

I single handedly conquered the NJDMV paper pushing ring of terror by passing my driver's exam on the first try.

I placed an order for a new ibook, and have been patiently waiting outside in front of my mail box

Rode the NJTransit into work on a sunday to do a little bit of work. On the way there was some old guy totaly freaking out as he lay there on his side with his luggage in a three seater. It sounded like he was singing at first, however he was just randomly shouting out pieces of old school tunes. "I just called...to say...I dream of californication." As I got off of my stop I heard him scream "Punny-tang! Punny-tang! Let's spark one up and get spiritual!" Is it 4:20 at any given time of the day, or is it just me? Very entertaining none the less.