Next week is the 15th annual Allies pride week.

Today at school, there was a small gathering of LBGT...or LGBT (one of those orders) peoples on old main, they gave some speaches and stuff, and handed out some free pizza to celebrate this. I showed up, mostly for the pizza, but also because I consider myself a supporter of gay rights. It was interesting to say the least, except these two women had these tiny dogs that kept fighting and barking and interrupting the speakers.

Visited PSU's Frost Museum of Entymology, saw lots of live and dead insects/arthropods/shellfish. They had an interesting terrarium display full of live Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, which look alot like a cross between a trilobyte and you standard everyday disgusting roach.

Started back working out at the gym. Consequently, I still reffer to working out as "lifting weights" as apposed to just (a variation of) the word "lift". Usually, when I hear someone use the word 'lift' when expressing the desire to workout, it is often followed by a series of enthusiastic simian grunting. I'm a little old fashioned I guess