It is my first time in a while even attempting to node on e2 and it's a day log. My message box type thing is overflowing into the streets. Typo Death Squad makes me remember what a horrible speller I am

I wonder why it's been so long since my last node, or any kind of writing for that matter. Is it the lack of stimulating input that is strangling my creativity? In spite of how I'd like to deny it out loud, video games cannot replace literature, and should not be taken in large doses

I begin to wonder why I started to type this day log, and suddenly I remember. School. My last log was about school, or rather completing it. It's been a year since then, and now I find myself going back for more very very soon. I myself am a little apprehensive to find out how my fellow noders fared in their pursuit of highly specialised higher education.

But in a year's time, much does change I've learned. Things and people whom I once took for granted are now gone and I find myself struggling to remember them for the legacy they left and not for the state they were in when they left me, us.

Perhaps I need new hobbies?