Frank is an illustrated adventure (comic book / graphic novel) following the exploits of a blank staring, anthropomorphic cat of the same name, drawn by Jim Woodring. The stories of Frank are drawn completly in black and white and contain no words. Frank goes on lots of life threatening and exciting adventures in a wavy psychedelic world full of beautiful and usually deadly creatures, and almost always while wearing a straight face. Murders, kidnappings , and dangerously powerful yet cute monsters are among some of the daily hazards that Frank faces.

Frank lives in a house with his pet/godling/friend named pupshaw, who looks like a walking doghouse with teeth. In most circumstances, pupshaw ends up saving Frank from his impending destruction by killing, eating, or bribing his assailants.

Of course you may be wondering how one can know the names of all the characters in a story with no words. Mr. Woodring gives a short summary of events in the previous issue in each new issue. Frank is currently published on an irregular basis by Fantagraphics books.