I am walking around in Chatham, NY admiring fountains that had not been working for 500 years (exactly). The next thing I know, some girl from my chemistry class that I had a crush on sticks her head out of a balcony window and beckons me to come inside her house. I walk through the open front door, and immediately begin ascending a small flight of wooden stairs. At the top, the door to her room is open. Like wise, I enter the room. There is an oriental rug on the floor at the foot of a bed in the center of the room. She is there in the room with me, naked doing yoga on the rug. Quickly, I find a spot on the floor at the foot of the bed and lie down face up, placing my legs on the bed. So there I am laying on the floor staring up at the ceiling, while some naked girl is doing yoga in the same room. She starts talking to me, and telling me saying how she liked me, but was afraid to say anything to me (which is funny, because that is exactly what I usually end up saying in some way or another). She continues to stretch her body around some more. I look off to my right and pick up a Best Buy newspaper insert and start reading an advertisement for Voltron action figures, which is in Japanese (all the names were in katakana). Then I woke up.
It was one of the strangest dreams I had ever had. I finally revealed to myself that I have a slight phobia regarding starting relationships with persons of gender.