Unusually productive day at work today. I'm seriously trying to squeeze as much work into my last remaining days in America before I begin my year abroad in the most expensive place in the world, or so I've heard

During the past two weeks, some New Jersey driver hit and killed a deer. Someone was kind enough to drag it off of the road ... right on the pavement at the edge of the sidewalk where I must walk every single day. The smell wore off after about the first week, possibly because of drying due to the extreme heat we've had here in the Garden State. Recently, we had unusually huge amounts of rainfall. Returning to work by my usual path today, I passed the dead deer. The rain had opened it's eyes, which now have now through the magic of nature become bright, almost flourescent white. Walking past the deer, I saw these piercing white eyes, and what appears to be an open mouth post-mortum grin pointing in my general direction. It looked like it was laughing at something,possibly of all things me, or perhaps a stray beer can by the edge of the sidewalk. Very disgusting none the less