One of the finest moments of this band's career (outside of their music) occured when they were playing second stage at T in the Park in 1999 simultaneous to Britpop monsters Blur. Mogwai printed up a whole bunch of shirts that simply read:

blur: are shite

and handed them out to all of the bands that were also playing second stage that day.

The shirts, of course, caused quite a stir. The mogwai website had a very large page dedicated to the responses they received, both negative and positive, constructive and inflammatory. The band generally dismissed comments that were limited to "You guys suck! Blur is the coolest ever!" or "You guys rock! Blur sucks!", but had some great responses to the well thought out arguments and praise expressed. Unfortunately they seem to be lost to the mists of time.

Think of mogwai as the antithesis to Blur: grand orchestrators with no real desire for massive, headspinning fame.