I hate doing this. This "noding about nodes who node nodes who like noders", and then there's the whole "hideous deep dark past" factor.

But I feel this is necessary.

I was a little... off... in high school. A social outcast. I went to my senior prom alone. In a kilt. It was that bad. I had this escape, though: a wide world just inside my door, BBS's and, later, telnet chatters and USENET and this insipid portion of the internet we've all become familiar with, the World Wide Web. I didn't do drugs, so I had to do computers instead.

This was my first mistake.

The origin of the name is unimportant. It comes from late night computer games, time for bed, a quick name for a saved game. It stuck in my head, though, and I was using it everywhere I went. I was even trolling with the goddamn thing.

and then it happened...

There were imitators, unnatural men who wanted in on the "Chihuahua Grub pie". They appeared out of nowhere, it seemed, but were everywhere. They were trying to steal my identity, outposting me in every forum, bastardizing the original name so fast and so often, that I had to follow up with similar strides just so I didn't fall behind and lose my identity forever. Soon enough, I, and all others of me, were known as "Chihuahua Gilliam Fnordling-5 (with an umlaut over it) Grub". It was criminal, ridiculous. It had been taken far too far.

it was only then that i realized i was wrong. i had been the imitator all along

I dropped out. I actually wouldn't come to this revelation until years later, when, in some anonymous midwestern diner, I would meet Chihuahua Grub, the Chihuahua Grub, addled by inhalants and crippled by an impossible age. He would explain to me the memetics of the words, how he was stolen in every town he traveled to. It was a preposterous phrase, "Chihuahua Grub", at least two meanings. It begged for things to be added to it: names, nouns, nuances. Hence the Gilliams. Hence the impossible numbers. He had met all of these Chihuahua Grubs before, he had warned them all to stop.

He would never remember who he was again.

I just did the Google search that Sponinroon mentions above. There are articles from alt.religion.kibology, from demon.local, from alt.computers.folklore. Articles on Reno. Articles on trolling. I could have, at any point in my life, been familiar with these subjects, but I don't in any way remember writing these. I was stolen, just like Chihuahua Grub. I'm waiting to be stolen again.

If you meet Chihuahua Grub on the road, KILL HIM.