Just before waking up, I was walking on some uneven street when I fell and skinned my hand. The wound didn't bleed, but instead opened up a flap of skin. At first, I said, "Ow!" and then realized that for some reason, it didn't hurt.

I pushed aside the flap of skin and noticed a small brown string sticking out of my palm. It made perfect sense to me: a long time ago, I had stiches in the same spot, and this must be one of those, somehow left behind under my skin for years and years. I sat on the ground, looking at my palm, staring at this little brown strand that had somehow survived being absorbed into my body for all this time.

Naturally, I pulled on it.

The string dislodged itself surprisingly easily, travelling up my arm, against my ulna. Underneath everything was pure light and truth and warmth. It was up to my elbow in seconds. I was transfixed.

I opened my eyes. Somehow, the window shade had come open. Afternoon light was streaming in.