Percodan + sleep = much strangeness

In addition to my normal insomnia, I also have this stupid flu that keeps me from getting a decent rest, so I've been using the pain pills from my wisdom tooth operation (they gave me something like thirty of 'em, three of which I actually used for the purposes of relieving pain).

I had about eight dreams that I remember, but don't, exactly. I know I had about eight dreams, and I know they all ran together, but I only remember specific elements. There was a strange bit of cliche at the end of every dream as I'd realize reality was getting out of hand and I'd say "but wait, this is just a dream!" and then the next dream would start.

I went to sleep at about nine in the morning, and woke up from one set of dreams with my heart absolutely pumping. It was knocking against the inside of my chest for something like an hour before I stood up and walked around.

Or was that just another dream?

Anyway, the goods:

  • All of my friends had been turned into cartoon characters from black-and-white movies. For some of them it seemed like the fruitful end of a lifelong ambition. The others I was running around, trying to prevent them from jumping off buildings (like it would actually kill them, or something).
  • I was checking my e-mail when I got a letter from a girl saying she never wanted to hear from me again. In real life, I had sent this girl a letter jokingly complaining that she could never make time to even call me, so I wasn't sure whether her reply was sarcastic or real. Then random e-mails started disappearing from my inbox. As soon as I thought, "huh, that's weird," my monitor started melting like a giant ice cube.
  • Camping with Space Moose who, despite his comic, is actually a great guy.
  • Playing football in two feet of snow. Cattle prods were somehow involved.

That's all I can recall. I seem to remember much more happening, entire sagas. Oh, wait... there was some manner of a school dance or prom that I was supposed to provide music for, until it was taken over by international terrorists (this seems to be a running theme in my dream world... I blame too much exposure to movies like Die Hard in my childhood). I then spent the rest of my dream running around trying to free somebody... somebody specific who, for the life of me, I can't name or place right now. I was sneaking, Thief-style, around this huge mansion that I know was erected in 1997 (there were copyright dates on the trees) trying to break into rooms. Demons were somehow involved, and while some wanted to see my soul eternally roasting in a lake of fire, others wanted to be my friends and help defeat the terrorists.

After a while, my friend Karl, whom I haven't seen in about a year, showed up and helped me break into this dark room that had a dead raccoon hanging from the ceiling. He then ventured further into the house and got caught by... something. The dream ended as I skidded outside and hid behind a bush, watching and waiting for Karl to return.

That was the last dream I had.

Now, I need to admit that all this is pretty standard as far as my dreams go. However, the weird part is that, upon waking, I found that all my furniture had been shifted just slightly. Someone had been in my apartment to move my couches, root through some of my piles, upset a stack of laundry in the living room, but not take anything.

I keep saying out loud "wait, this is just a dream!" but so far I'm still stuck in this notion of reality.