I was off of work (which was actually a less vivid and longer dream that took place before, long winding cubicle mazes), rewarding myself with a piercing through my left forearm. Two of my best friends, both girls, both of whom I've never had any romantic interest in, took me in through the back way. I had been there earlier, making an appointment. The receptionist recognized me and asked me to wait. Her blonde hair covered her face. I read nothing, the girls talked about books. Suddenly it was time and I wanted to be listening to music, so I was, through big bulky headphones. They led me through some white hallways and down a flight of spiral stairs, down another white hall. The floors were hardwood. The receptionist asked me to enter the room and sit on the dentist's chair. I rolled up my sleeves and relaxed, though I was certain this was going to hurt. Unseen preparations were being made. The girls were looking in a nearby bookcase, reaching for books I couldn't see. One was Mingus' Beneath The Underdog, the other was Bukowski's Love Is A Dog From Hell, but they were calling them both Bukowski books of completely different titles.

I looked at the ceiling and had a mask around my mouth. The black man said to me in a comforting voice, "Nigger, please sleep," and I could feel the inhalant-based anaesthesia working. The music in my ears was a song I wanted to change because it was almost Ozomatli's Cut Chemist Suite, which I had been listening to earlier when I was awake, but the rapper was different, the horn arrangements off. The anaesthesia was only barely working, and I could see: the girls, the black man, the rim of the mask around my nose. I was not wearing my glasses and I could see just fine. Everything was going dark, but I wasn't going unconscious. I looked at the man and he upped my dosage. A brief flash of nothing but shivering silver, ecstacy. I was awake, too awake, so they removed the mask and sat me up. The needle was two feet long and glistening. I closed my eyes and felt it enter my arm.

I don't have dreams this vivid or unsettling very often. Everything was carried out in this frenetic Requiem For A Dream style, quick slices of things going on in my life. I really don't want to then expose you to "I woke up and was pierced," but my arm does feel as though someone stuck a huge fucking needle through it.

I went to sleep around noon EST, having gotten exactly no sleep before. This dream occurred roughly between four and six pm, and sleep seems like a pointless endeavor at the moment.