This daylog is tiny for your benefit. You're welcome.

How today began:

I woke up shivering with a start and peeked outside my car. Three hours earlier I had decided that I was either too drunk or too tired to make the full drive from Boston back to Northampton. I tried to smile, remembering the evening spent drinking and playing arcade games (The bar was right next to the racing games! How cool is that?) with hep cats donfreenut and Cow of Doom (CoD, might I add, took the T and, therefore, was late. Much moreso than I was.), but I quickly became aware of this dull, deep down body ache that seemed to originate from my bones. I straightened my car seat and started the engine. All I wanted was a bed.

The ache persisted through the entire day and any sleep I got past those three hours seemed superficial.

How today ended:

Went to a show at the Flywheel. Everybody stayed for the local bands, including post-rock sensations Surgeon's Photograph, but did anybody stay for the headlining band, Explosions in the Sky, who hauled their asses all the way from Texas? Nope. There were fifteen people in the audience, and I think we witnessed something divine. The guys from the band were ultra-nice, "aw, shucks, it's just great to be here" types, too. Hope the rest of their tour goes better.

And, inbetween, nothing happened.

Except, maybe, a burger and some comics. But that's it.