A fountain pen created by the Pilot Pen Company. Unique, because they are the only disposable fountain pen on the market. Though there are other founts at about this price point (<$5 US), they are not meant to be disposable, and write like a rusty nail.

The thing of it is, it is actually a decent pen. The nib, though not the best in the world, does pretty well. The ink is Namiki which is to say quite good--certainly worth putting into a more expensive pen. The plastic is the same on other low-end pens.

The Varsity comes in five colors: black, blue, pink, purple, and turquoise, and includes an window to allow the level of ink to be checked. Though I haven't measured it, it is about the same as two or three cartridges.

If you are thinking about getting a fountain pen, but want to see if it will work for you, this is definitely a way to get your fingers inky before you put down the green.

Sources: http://www.pilotpen.us/detail.asp?PenID=24