A fountain pen made by the Pilot Pen Company, though frequently under their Namiki brand. This is a good pen—well balanced, gold nib, reasonably priced (for a gold-nibbed fountain pen). If I had to take one pen with me on a vacation or a business trip, this often the one I reach for, and the only fountain pen my wife uses regularly. I strongly recommend it for beginners.

Oh! I haven’t mentioned its best feature. It is the only retractable fountain pen in current production. A push-button mechanism raises and lowers a trap door as the nib is extended or retracted. This allows for easy one-hand operation, especially when bouncing around a data center or the office. It does mean, however, that the clip is on the nib end of the barrel.

Even without the retractable feature, it is a great pen. With it being retractable, it is a classic.