In production for over twenty years, the Lamy Safari probably will be regarded as classic pen. The Safari was originally designed for pre-teen age range, where the child gets greater input into the selection of school supplies. It has since grown to have fans among adult pen collectors.

The basic Safari is made from ABS plastic, with a wire clip that makes it look quite distinct. The nib is steel, but quite responsive. The pen sports an "ink-view" window to see the level of the cartridge or converter, and an ergonomical triangle grip. It comes in a fountain pen, a ball point pen, a roller ball pen and a pencil.

The overall look is the same as a Sony "Sport" Walkman, and about as tough. One pen store has what they call a "Volvo Test," by which the president of the company rolls over the pen with the front tire of his Brick. The Safari passes without a scratch.

The basic ABS Safari comes in blue, yellow, red, black, grey, and white. There is an "Al-Star" version, with an aluminum overlay, and the new "Vista", which is clear. It makes for a good introduction to nice pens, or a good pen to tote around in a harsh environment. Mine accompanied me on my trip to Walt Disney World.