I reek.

I don’t smoke, and generally don’t frequent bars as I prefer not to deal with it. The benefit of my entering must significantly outweigh the cost. A few weeks ago, it was free movie passes (and I was disgusted for the two minutes I was in there). This evening, it will be to see Gaelic Storm.

However, I didn’t expect to have a smokey odor until closer to midnight. Instead, it is mid-afternoon, and I feel like I should have a buzz to go along with the smell.

What caused this? Well, the only place the eight of us could agree on for lunch was Skyline Chili. The only place they could find places for eight was on the border with the smoking section. Through an accident of seating and being a southpaw, I was one of the closest to the DMZ.

However, smoke is not like a solid, or even as well behaved as spilled pop. It goes wherever it feels like. And, a chain smoker sat as my mirror. It wasn’t too bad while I was in there, but now I feel like every where I go, a foul cloud follows.

I can’t wait until five. I get on a bus, get home, and hit the shower!