Got back from a visit with my family yesterday. Typical Christmas stuff. As I only get to Lake Charles once in a while, I qet to see how the town has changed, and get some food that is hard to find in Ohio (at least done well).

The big news was the creature living in my sister's wall. Though this story is set in a small city in southwest Louisiana, I believe it could happen anywhere. Please don't go thinking my family is a bunch of coon asses. This could happen to you.

When we arrived, my sister explained she had something sleeping in her wall. She could here it scurry about, and even snore. She left her husband in charge while she picked my wife and I up at the airport with her kids my mom.

(As I dawdled on getting tickets, we had to fly in to another city. Don't get my wife started...)

I come from a line of control freaks, however. Sis spent a good portion of the ride to my folk's on her cell phone, sorting out the different advice she was being given. Each agency she spoke with either had different advice (contradicting the prior advice), or lead her in a circular loop. All she really knew is that she wanted it out of her house before it died in her wall, or it clawed through the drywall.

One guy did provide her good advice, in a fashion I hope my team would. He explained to her what could or could not happen, how he would approach the problem, and his contingency plans for various scenarios. It gave my sister a warm fuzzy. On Christmas Eve, he came to her house, investigated her whole house, and set out some bait.

The critter didn't show Christmas eve. He did come back Christmas day.

My brother-in-law was going to be there when the exterminator came back Friday, but had an appointment at work. I went over to her house, for emotional support as well as to help if it got loose. Of course, even though it kept them up the previous night, it was nowhere to be found when I was there.

The exterminator removed an access panel behind the tub, and started pulling out plastic bags. The creature was trying to build a nest. The exterminator did a few things to verify that the creature nor any of its babies were in my sister's wall, then went under the house to board up the hole it climbed up.

So far, no word on a return....