One nice place to view Pittsburgh is from Mount Washington, a glorified hill just south of the city. However, there is an equally respectable vantage point upon which to view the city. This place is much more calm and peaceful compared to the hustle and bustle that is on the top of Mount Washington. This particular vantage point is in Schenley Park.

The overlook is up by the ice skating rink near the top of the first hole of the frisbee golf course. From there, the city is off to the west, which makes sunsets the most amazing thing to watch. Factor in the fact that surrounding the overlook are trees and grassy fields allowing for a more peaceful view of the city.

As there are trees there, there are trees to climb. A perfect end to a day can be spent sitting in a tree and admiring the beauty of the surrounding Mother Nature whilst also looking about a city which is now home.