I am in my second month of college. As a freshman, there should be a lot of change in my life. Some things change, but a lot has stayed the same.

The one thing that has changed is who I hang out with. Instead of my friends from high school, I have my friends from college. However, we still talk about the same stuff. Just last night we were discussing the bombing of Afghanistan. We decided that instead of dumping all our garbage in New Jersey, we should fill up some aircraft and dump everything all over Afghanistan. If they shoot it down, it's their own problem. They would basically be shooting down a flying garbage truck.

One girl I got to know in high school has gotten closer to me these past few months since she goes to school only a few blocks from me. The depth of my feelings for her grow everytime I see her. It's little things, like the way her hair looks, the way she treats children, and how she loves her family. However, she has a boyfriend attending college in far away Florida. The most painful thing is hearing about how much she loves him and cares for him.