I was in church for my youth group's mass. This was attended my only youth group members, basically all high school students. The majority of them weren't really my friends, and many of them attended my school, so they all knew me.
I had to read the list of intentions after the reciting the Nicene Creed. Since I was sitting in a pew, I had to get up and walk to the pulpit to read the intentions.
The pulpit at my church has two steps leading up to it. The place where I stand to talk into the microphone is at least a foot higher than the surrounding floor. I decided not not walk up the stairs, but I was going to jump up onto the base of the pulpit. This was a mistake. My ankle caught the edge of the base, causing me to fall forward. Once I was on my face, I started falling down the stairs onto the floor. Realizing what I had done, I hopped right up and read the intentions so I could sit down.
Once I returned to my seat I found I had cut open my ankle from the fall. Adding injury to insult. The worst part is, I had to face every single person in the church over and over again, not only in youth group, but in school.