Shortly after the release of Life of Brian, Monty Python was being condemned by the Catholic Church, go figure. In an attempt to reconcile their differences, some British leaders in the Catholic Church chose to discuss the movie with some members of Monty Python on television.

BBC had a show with a point-counterpoint setting. This was the vehicle in which Monty Python and the Catholic Church would have their discussion. John Cleese and Michael Palin were on the show opposite a Cardinal and ArchBishop.

Over the course of the interview, Michael Palin was getting rather upset as he realized the church wasn't going to feel good about their movie no matter what he said. John Cleese was having a grand old time. He turned to the audience and let out the most perfect line:

"Well, I guess this shows just how far the church has come. I mean, a thousand years ago we would have been burned at the stake."