It always seemed interesting to me that the United States had the original Declaration of Independence. Would King George actually send this traitorous document back to the revolting colonies? Truth be told, the actual document never went overseas.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence are written in American historybooks as the greatest freedom fighters ever. These men were very brave, incredibly patriotic, and extremely noble. They were fighting for truth, for justice, for the American way. In reality, the signers were very afraid of a British backlash. The King of Britain was the most powerful man in their world. What would he do to them when he found out they signed the Declaration of Independence.

The original document was reprinted, without the signatures, and distributed to the colonies and sent overseas to Britain. What King George saw was a reprint of the original that made its way to England. Even that wasn't an exact copy. Being that the signatures were missing, he could not single out any traitors within the colonies. The original Declaration of Independence currently resides in the National Archives, complete with the original signatures.