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Doctor Who story number 3

This is the only story to take place entirely inside the TARDIS. It was a filler story, as only 13 episodes had been commissioned and they didn't know if the series was going to last longer than that (Boy were they ever wrong on that note). With the first two stories coming in at a total of eleven episodes they needed a two part story in case the series was cancelled. The official and working title for this story is Inside The Spaceship, but the BBC happily use The Edge of Destruction since that's what the fans like to call it.

There are some special points to make about this story: It was condemned for the scene where Susan stabs her bed with scissors in a fit of rage about her friends, and is the story in which the Doctor is at his most devious and untrustworthy. After this story he is much more reasonable with his companions, losing some of the mystery and suspense that made him such an anti-hero (Not that he doesn't act like a bastard sometimes in the future). The actual structure of the story is that of a claustrophobic suspense story: A 1981 review likens it to Hitchcock.

David Whitaker

This story has 2 episodes with individual titles:

  • The Edge of Destruction
  • The Brink of Disaster

Plot Overview
The crew of the TARDIS recover from being thrown to the floor and knocked unconscious (I believe this happens at the end of The Daleks). Susan and Barbara beleive they are being affected by an alien force, but Ian thinks it is a technical fault. The Doctor naturally (at this point in the character development) accuses the two humans of sabotage, and eventually Susan beleives this.

The crew experience increasing paranoia as the Doctor works on a solution to the problem, and he drugs them to put them to sleep so he can work on the problem in peace. Ian doesn't trust the Doctor and attacks him, but is stopped by the others.

Throughout the story the TARDIS is seen to malfunction in various ways, and later they come to realise that it is trying to warn them about something. Barbara is the person who believes it is semi-sentient, something the Doctor doesn't initially agree with, yet much later in the series accepts as fact.

On investigation the Doctor finds that the fast return switch is broken. This device tracks the TARDIS back along its various landing sites, and he used it to try and return the two humans to Earth. However, the switch is jammed and is sending the ship towards Event One. After repairing the switch the Doctor can change the destination of the TARDIS, and they continue to travel.

Main Cast


  • This is the only story to feature only the main cast
  • The Edge of Destruction is occasionaly known as Beyond the Sun, which was the working title for the previous story, The Daleks

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