Not a Bond gadget per se, since it's something a bad guy plays with, but it is one of the coolest, and would have fitted in well with the early movies, From Russia With Love particularly.

I'm talking about the gun used by Francisco Scaramanga, title weapon of The Man With The Golden Gun (Beats that fake third nipple hands down). When you're a million dollar a job hitman (It was the fifties, okay? Leave Ian Flemming alone) you get to have a shiny gun made of gold.

That's not the cool part. This gun is one he needs to smuggle into various countries, and so this gun comes in pieces, all perfectly innocent items for a businessman or millionaire on holiday to have on his person:

  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Cigarette Case
  • Pen
  • Cufflink

These are all made from gold (Presumably gold casing as the stuff is not exactly good for precision parts). The gun takes one bullet, made from gold and inscribed with the name of the intended target. He only needs one shot.

The gun in action as a gun just involved Christopher Lee or Roger Moore holding a boxy, toylike weapon. There is though a scene where Scaramanga kills his employer, the gangster Hi Fat. Sitting at Hi Fat's desk Scaramanga listens to him walk around the room describing his plan. Scaramanga listens, assembling the gun, and then shoots him, takes it apart, places the items in his pockets and leaves.